Fun Ways to Style Short Hair

Having short hair is fun and easy and there are tons of fun ways to style it that take less than 10 minutes. Some women love long hair and couldn’t imagine having short hair. They love to run they fingers through it, brush it and style it however they want. But long hair can be very time consuming and expensive to take care of you. You will need multiple hair products to style it properly and you will go through tons of shampoo and conditioner. If you have had long hair all of your life, it might be time to switch it up and cut it short. You might be surprised at how nice short hair will feel.

Different Hair Cuts For Short Hair

If you are transitioning from long hair to short hair, there a few haircuts that are “in betweens” that will make the transition easier. One of the most popular haircuts right now is the “Lob.” This translates into a long bob. This haircut sits right beneath the collar bone and has and angled cut so that the front is longer than he back. This gives the illusion that your hair is a bit longer than it actually is. This haircut is flattering on almost everyone and it is incredibly easy to maintain. Another popular haircut at the moment is to get a short, blunt cut above the shoulders. This cut is also easy to maintain and looks great with messy, beachy waves.

Changing the Length of Your Short Hair

If you are the opposite and have short hair but are wishing for long hair, one way to fix this is with extensions. You can easily get sewn-in or clip in hair extensions that will take your hair from short to long in just a few minutes. You can also start growing your hair out. Getting frequent hair trims will keep your hair healthy and allow it to grow faster.

Coloring Short Hair

When you have short hair, don’t be afraid to be daring as well. You can highlight or get an overall color to change the look and feel. There are many ombre looks that pair well with short hair.