Finding Document Shredding Services

Whether trying to destroy bank statements and other personal documents or old documents for your business, finding a secure shredding service is a must. Having documents with sensitive personal and financial information shredded is the best way to protect yourself or you business against identity theft and fraud, so it’s wise to choose a document shredding service carefully. Here are a few things to look for when browsing secure document shredding services:

Get Security Guarantees:

A reputable shredding service should provide some kind of proof that your sensitive documents have been effectively destroyed, such as a certificate of destruction. You should also speak to a representative from the service and ask them about their privacy policy and security protocols; if you get the impression that there is any potential flaw in their security measures, look for another company.

Check Disposal Methods:

How a shredding service disposes of the shredded paper is a major security concern. Ideally, the document shredding service will have guarantees that they securely recycle all paper, but however they dispose of paper remains, be sure it doesn’t pose any kind of security risk.

Opt for Regular Pick-Up

Many document shredding companies offer regularly-scheduled pick-ups to shred your business’ documents for the week or month. These services are not only convenient, but they can increase overall security, as regular pick-up ensures that nobody will forget to shred any sensitive documents.

Get Quotes Ahead of Time:

Most shredding services will offer a custom quote to give an idea of what their services will cost for the amount of documents you require destroyed. This allows potential customers get quotes from multiple local shredding services and compare prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal. However, be sure to check each service’s methods and security measures; considering only price could lead to hiring a less-than-secure shredding service.

Look for Accredited Businesses:

One final way to find the best secure document shredding service is to look for companies that are accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or similar services. Accredited companies are likely to have efficient and secure business practices, so hiring an accredited shredding service can grant peace of mind.