Everything You Need to Know About Toilet Paper

The use of toilet paper has been around a very long time. It was first developed and used in China back in the 6th century. Putting the paper on rolls came along much later in the late 1800’s.

Toilet tissue or TP as it is often called is available in many styles and colors. Colored paper was manufactured for decorative reasons. Although colored rolls are no longer popular in the US, it is very popular in Europe. Aside from colors, there are different grades and factors for different uses. Different factors consist of size, weight and softness. Large companies have completed many surveys to determine the best use in various situations.

The amount of toilet tissue needed per person is over 100 single rolls or 21,000 sheets a year. This breaks down to one roll every five days. This is a huge demand for trees in the making of pulp.

Large companies that produce tissue paper have their own tree farms. As these trees are harvested new trees must be planted to continue the cycle. The amount of trees needed to keep up the demand has driven scientist to develop other sources. The use of hemp and recycled newspaper have become very popular in the manufacturing. The decline of newspaper in the digital age is helping the availability of raw materials but keeping up the cycle is a never ending process.

Throughout history we have had shortages that has spurred buying and driven people to increase their supplies of toilet paper. This has only compounds the shortages. One such time in 1973 the comedian and talk show host Johnny Carson made joke in his opening monolog about a shortage that spurred people into a buying frenzy that cleaned out the stores of TP throughout the country. That monolog is so historic that it can be seen today on YouTube. Finding toilet paper at that time was a major problem.

Most recently in late winter 2020 there is a serious shortage of toilet tissue in stores. This shortage, and panic buying was caused by the spread of COVID-19 virus. A very serious health problem that is worldwide. Most people are having trouble finding toilet tissue in stores. This shortage had many people turning to buy toilet paper online. Finding toilet paper online is not difficult. Major online stores where you can order toilet paper online are Amazon and Walmart they offer free shipping to your home or office. If you ever have trouble finding toilet tissue you can always turn to these stores. Keeping a small stock on hand would be a smart thing to do to prevent running out until manufactures catch up on the demand.

The large manufactures are working overtime to restock stores but their process is very technical from the cutting of trees, hemp, and processing recycling paper. Chemicals are added to the pulp then this mixture is blown through a screen which passes through an oven and baked in a hot oven before it is cut and put on rolls.

So you can see it does take time to restock shelves. Be wise and keep enough TP in your pantry to last a month when it is available and everyone should be able to get through these shortages without panic.