Education For Teachers

Thinking about pursuing a career in teaching? A lot of people do. It is said that the best learners end up being the best teachers. To become a teacher, you have to meet certain requirements. Before starting the process of meeting academic requirements, you need to find out whether or not teaching is the right career for you. As much as you may want to be a teacher, it may not always be right for you. It should not be about the salary because to be honest, no amount of money can match the work of a teacher.

Who Should Become a Teacher?

  • A teacher should find fulfillment in influencing and helping others. As a teacher, a lot of young lives will be entrusted to you. You will be expected to instill in them good morals and help in their growth. If this is something that gives you joy, you are on the right track.
  • A person with excellent communication skills makes a good teacher. Since teaching is about passing information, you need to be able to pass messages with ease and clarity. Written and oral skills are equally important.
  • A person that likes to share can be a good teacher because it is essentially about sharing knowledge. A teacher wakes up every morning to share knowledge and advice. If this idea doesn’t excite you, you should probably not be a teacher. A teacher should genuinely wish to pass down the knowledge that will help students be better people.
  • Since a teacher works with children, it would be unfortunate for a person that doesn’t love them to take up the job. A teacher should enjoy working with children. If you are unsure about this, consider taking some time to interact with children and see if you enjoy it.
  • Are you flexible? In teaching, no two days are similar. Each day comes with its own set of challenges. No child has similar needs to another. A teacher should be able to adapt to these needs, changes in development, new professional requirements and new curriculums.
  • Academic qualification. As much as you may desire to be a teacher, you need to study teaching as a profession in the university. You may pursue a degree in education or another degree that also includes training in teaching.

Getting a Teaching Degree

Different states have different requirements for teaching licensure. It is, however, expected that all teachers have a Bachelor’s Degree and go through a teacher education program. If you want to be a preschool teacher, an associate degree is enough to start work.

Once you have your degree, you are required to get supervised experience. This experience can be acquired while still pursuing your degree.

The next step is to get a license. A teacher may have a license in early childhood education, elementary education, middle school or secondary education. You may also be licensed in a specific field. As part of the degree problem, most states require supervised teaching experience. To get licensed, most states have a mandatory standardized test. This exam tests on the basic teaching requirements and knowledge of the subject one is going to teach.

In order to maintain your license, you must get higher education. Getting a master’s degree and acquiring a National Board Certification will help you be recognized as highly qualified and even improve your payment.