Education Degrees Online

An education degree is a mandatory requirement if you aspire to be an educator. It equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to teach students. Most colleges require you to have a bachelor’s degree in order to start your teaching career. However, an associate degree or two years can also land you support teaching positions such as being a teacher’s assistant or even a preschool teacher in some states. A master’s degree qualifies you to teach at an advanced level and attracts a better pay compared to graduate degrees. To teach in higher learning institutions like colleges and universities then you need a doctoral degree. With a doctoral degree, you also have the opportunity of holding senior positions. Whether you intend to pursue an associate degree or a doctoral education degree, you do not even need to know the physical location of the college. You can earn the degree at the comfort of your home by choosing to study online. Unlike in the past where the only on-campus study was available, now the majority of students whom for various reasons cannot physically attend classes stand a chance.

Application for an online degree.

With most universities embracing technology, there may not be any major difference between applying for an online education degree or an on-campus degree. However, the later may involve some procedures that require your physical presence in the institution. Find out the degree program options available and choose one that best suits you. All colleges offering online degrees have a section on their website for online students’ applications. Every step has instructions and one step leads to the other. some colleges, however, may require you to fill out a request form prior to applying. Just like the traditional education degree, you have to provide supporting documents like a high school transcript or diploma alongside your application. The application requirements may slightly differ across colleges. Before applying for the online admission for your education program, some institutions may offer you a paraprofessional education program. This program exposes you to different areas of teaching after which you can apply to the school of education if you qualify. The application also includes selecting the subjects you are interested in teaching and the grade level. Education degrees are diverse in nature and can lead to various paths. Below are a few of the major education degrees and what they are meant to shape you into.

  • Curriculum and Instruction

This degree prepares you for the strategic role of developing a curriculum for various grade levels in accordance with the state requirements. You can pursue a bachelor’s degree, masters, degree, or doctoral degree.

  • Educational Technology

The program prepares you for teaching through the use of technologies like mobiles and computers. Once you graduate, your workplaces include K-12 schools and corporate enterprises. The courses taught here include Educational Technology Field, Instructional Design, and Online Course Design. Bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees are offered.

  • Elementary Education

The degree enables you to qualify to be a teacher at an elementary school level. The courses provided here include Classroom Management for Teachers, math, and science. All the three levels of degrees are offered here as well.

  • GED Certification

Whether you choose an online education degree or an on-campus degree, there is no difference in the final certificate. An online degree is cheaper, allows for more flexibility, and is convenient among other advantages. Just like a regular student, you can also seek for scholarships and other student benefits. Learn ways to get your GED, and places you can get it! Start now.