DIY Wedding Planning

Tips To DIY A Wedding

Weddings are for creating lasting memories, but they also can be stressful.

Finances top the list of stress. However, smart wedding planning can help alleviate the worry as the happy couple takes steps for the perfect moment.

Here are a few tips on wedding planning for those doing it themselves:

  1. Take time: There’s a reason weddings are planned well in the future. It’s important to block out time to plan and to plot out “deadlines” to get things done. This includes the prospective guest list, wedding style, picking a venue, choosing the meal plan, color scheme, picking the dress, etc. Having a cohesive plan moving forward will help check off the boxes in quicker order.
  2. Have options: Everyone wants the lavish wedding. There is a happy medium in the process. Having many ideas helps narrow the planning. It will help you use more funds in some areas of the wedding. This also creates a buffer for unexpected expenses or additions down the line.
  3. Look for sales: Having a fall wedding? Look for clearance sales at craft and hobby stores before the winter changeover. No matter the season, catching items on sale can save a lot of money. It will make a big difference in the budget, especially when comparing prices in-season.
  4. Connections: There’s never a better time for your circle of friends than when you’re having a wedding. Chances are there are a few friends who want to or are already in the wedding planning business. The same goes for photographers/videographers, interior decorators and officiants and more. Friends are trustworthy, respected and come at a discount.
  5. Splurge a little: Smart budgeting will give you a chance to indulge. You can spend extra cash on a larger cake or for that perfect venue. The honeymoon also could be bigger with clever planning. This is your time, don’t cut corners on everything.

Those are just a few tips for easier wedding planning. The key is enjoying the process, getting multiple people involved and crafting what will be the best day of your lives.