DIY Tips On Staying Cool This Summer

Summer temperatures can sometimes be very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important to find some techniques to help you keep the room cool without necessarily using an AC. Here is a list of the tips you can use.

Place the Fan at the Right Position

Fans make the sweat on the skin to evaporate, which in turn, brings a cooling effect on the body. Fans can only operate effectively when placed in a strategic position. Set up the fan in a hallway or at the window so that it can draw cool air from different parts of the house and push warm air away from the room.

Make Use of the Fridge

Refrigerators and freezers play a significant role when it comes to cooling the body during summer. Create a compartment inside the fridge and put a light bed sheet in the compartment. When the bed sheet is cold enough, remove it and cover the bed with it. This will keep the body cool at night. Remember, summer is not the right time to use a heavy blanket.

Keep the Sunlight Out

This is one of the best techniques that one can use to keep the house cool during summer. Place a bright curtain at the windows and doors to block sunlight from entering the house. If the temperature of the room rises, remove the curtains to allow the air inside the room to flow outside. This will allow cold and dense air to flow inside, bringing a cooling effect. Once this cycle is complete, close the curtains before the room warms up again.

Learn the Cooling Spots of the Body

Knowing the cooling spots on the body is very crucial. It helps one identify the exact points to place an ice or cold cloth when the body’s temperature rises. Major cooling spots of the body include the neck, wrist, forehead and ankle. A cold ice wrapped in a cotton cloth reduces the body’s temperature when placed on these spots.

Get Loose

Put on loose and light clothes during summer. Light clothes accelerate the rate at which the body’s sweat evaporates, keeping the skin cool and dry. In addition to light clothes, one should stay away from foods that make the body to generate a lot of heat. Foods such as coconut oil, green tea, ginger and groundnuts can raise the body’s temperature significantly. Instead, one should eat foods such as legumes and fruits. These foods do not make the body to generate heat.