DIY Steps To Remodel Your Basement

If you’ve decided to remodel your basement by yourself, you may be wondering where to begin. Your starting point will depend on the current status of your basement. For the purposes of this DIY piece, we’ll assume you need a full basement remodel. To begin your basement remodel, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  1. Assess your insulation needs.

Regardless of whether your basement is finished or unfinished, having the proper amount of insulation is key to ensuring your basement keeps and maintains a comfortable temperature and moisture level. You can check your insulation with devices like a laser thermometer, or you can simply observe if your basement is a different temperature from the rest of your home.

  1. Dry it out.

Before making any major changes during a DIY basement remodel, drying out the space is one of the most critical steps. Many basements have lots of moisture, and in some cases basements have foundational or structural issues that cause flooding. Before you invest in cosmetic updates, make sure your basement does not have a moisture issue by checking it first. You can do a simple test by taping a sheet of plastic to the concrete walls and seeing if there is any moisture. Where the moisture is coming from will determine your next steps.

  1. Install built-in storage.

Basements are notorious for becoming a clutter catchall. Avoid a mountain of miscellaneous boxes and unusable space by creating storage areas for your seasonal needs. If you find you have too much stuff to store, it may be a good time to evaluate your things and make a few donations.

  1. Consider replacing the windows.

If your basement is dull and dark, or if the windows need updating, consider getting new ones. New windows can improve the safety of your basement and also bring more natural light to your home.

  1. Frame out a bathroom

If plumbing for a bathroom has already been installed in your basement, you can easily DIY the bathroom walls and install a sink and toilet. Basement bathrooms are great if you plan to use the space for entertaining or hosting overnight guests. It’s a great convenience that can add value to your home.

Your DIY basement remodel will be successful if you make a “to do” list and follow the steps for completion. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your refreshed underground space.