Different Types Of Legal Tax Help

There are many avenues open to you when you need legal tax help. If you are facing a problem with your taxes, it is important to seek help from a qualified professional. There are different types of professionals and agencies that can help you. Most of these services require paying fees but free consultation services are also available to individuals who cannot afford high costs of legal tax consultation services. While all types of taxes must be paid on time, there are times when a person faces difficulty in paying taxes. It can be due to reduced income, high debts, or unexpected emergency expenses that wipe out your savings. It can also be due to a person’s inability to understand the complicated tax laws. Whatever the reason for facing the tax problem, you can get professional help and come out of your difficult situation. You only need to know where to seek it.


Ideally, this should be your first port of call. It is a paid service but you receive the most appropriate and qualified services when facing legal tax problems. Make sure you deal with a lawyer who specializes in the tax field. There are legal firms that offer services of tax lawyers, CPAs and other professionals to solve a person’s tax problems. These tax professionals will negotiate with the federal and state departments in reducing your debts. The lawyers help clients facing property seizures. You can avoid bank levies and stop wage garnishments with this support service. You are assured of tax debt relief. You will receive services by experienced lawyers who have expertise in the legal aspects of tax issues.

LITC or Low Income Taxpayer Clinic

One chapter of this agency is present in every state. It offers assistance to low-income taxpayers who need legal tax help. They help taxpayers with auditing, appealing and managing the tax disputes. It will help you respond to the tax department’s notices and solve your account problems. This help is offered to individuals who cannot afford professional legal tax assistance or face problems with their taxes because English is their second language. Additionally, it helps taxpayers understand their rights and responsibilities. A nominal charge may be charged and the person seeking help must meet its criteria to receive representation by it.


There are some nongovernmental organizations that offer legal tax help to individuals who cannot afford the services of a tax lawyer. Such an agency offers many self-help tools that let you generate court forms. It does not provide legal advice and is not a substitute for a lawyer. It can help you on certain topics related to the legal aspects of taxes. Seek its help when facing problems associated with the money, debts, income tax, public assistance, employment, and others.

As a citizen of this country, you have many rights and protections even when you are unable to pay your taxes on time. There are various options open to you in these matters. Use these options to come out of your debts and tax problems. See qualified legal help as soon as possible because you will have to pay more taxes and your cases will become more complicated as the time passes by. If your case does not involve any legal angle, you can receive tax advice and assistance even from other professionals like accountants.