Dental Implants For Seniors

What are dental implants? Dental implants are a better and more permanent alternative to dentures. They look and feel more like real teeth. Foods that are generally avoided by denture wearers are no problem with dental implants. There is no longer the risk of embarrassment when teeth begin to slide or fall out. Store bought adhesive strips and sticky creams are no longer necessary with dental implants.

To begin the process of receiving dental implants, contact a dental implant specialist so they can answer questions, address any concerns and give an assessment based on the the individual’s particular needs. During the visit the specialist will take the time to go over dental Implant pricing.

The dental implant procedure is typically done in stages. First any damaged teeth are removed. Secondly, the jawbone is prepared for surgery. An oral surgeon will position small metal rods that are similar to screws into the areas of the jaw bone. Once they are installed, individual teeth will be screwed in.

Since the dental implant procedure is considered surgical, more than likely a patient will receive a sedative along with local anesthetic. This is to make the patient more relaxed to ensure a more comfortable outcome. The procedure generally takes 1 to 2 hours.

What do dental implants cost? Cost depends on what a patient needs and the amount of teeth that need to be replaced. Generally the costs of dental implants can range from $1500 to $6000. Some do accept dental insurance plans that could cover costs. Payment plan options may also be available to make the cost of dental implants more affordable.

With dental implants life can be great once again. A new pearly white smile with secure, permanent teeth is within reach. A dental implant representative can go over options, procedure and pricing. So you might be wondering, what are the additional pros of getting dental implants. For starters, you can replace a one tooth without having to involve the teeth nearby. No additional trimming done to your next-door teeth like you do for other procedures, and you don’t have anything sitting on the gum next to them like you do with a removable partial denture. A dental implant is a completely separate self-contained artificial tooth root. Getting an implant will allow you to chew completely solid and once the healing process is complete, dental crown is fitted and now you’ll never be restricted by any foods.