Degrees Worth Getting Online

Why Get An Online Degree and Which One Should You Pursue

Getting a degree online has many advantages. Earning your degree allows for flexibility, gaining independence skills, self-motivation, and time management skills. Because you are allowed to decide how you choose to manage your time between part-time jobs or full-time jobs, social life, personal obligations, and on top of that, school, learning to manage your time efficiently is an invaluable skill on your resume. Time management is a skill that can only be learned in practice.  According to recent research, more and more Americans are earning an online degree and working a full time job because the costs of attending a four year university full time is out of their reach economically. We have listed the top ten most popular online degrees that are guaranteeing a job after completion.

  1. Political Science Degree – This is no surprise. With our current political state, it’s no surprise to anyone that more people are wanting to get involved and properly informed.
  2. Engineering Degree – Engineering consistently ranks as one of the very best degrees for return on investment, which is due to the demand for Engineers in broad fields such as science, math, mechanical engineering, technology, and computers.
  3. Computer Science Degree – high earning degree in the beginning years, low unemployment rates, and many different career options. Hiring managers are fighting over people with Computer Science degrees. In the age of technology, getting an online Computer Science degree is tough but worth it.
  4. Accounting Degree- All companies need or have an accounting department. It’s one part of the business that cannot be left out. Companies are always in need of accounting professionals who know how to analyze and manipulate data and work through financial humps. An online Bachelor’s degree in Accounting would offer financial and job stability that most people are looking for gaining from an online degree.
  5. Human Services Degree – According to reports, by the year 2020, employment for Human Services is estimated to increase 27%, almost double the national growth rate for all other occupations. Human services positions are increasingly needed to serve our huge aging population, who need services such as day care and meal delivery.
  6. Counseling Degree – An online degree counseling helps to prepare students to become professional counselors and encourages them to focus and master areas like school, career, marriage and family counseling, substance abuse and addictive behaviors, and clinical mental health. Those topics being amongst the most in demand.
  7. Nutrition Degree – Online degrees in nutrition are perfect for students who want to learn about health, body, nutrition and food science, but need more flexibility with time and subject matter.
  8. Marketing Degree –
  9. Math Degree
  10. Communications Degree