Car Rental Companies

There are many reasons why someone would want or need to Rent a Car.  Owning a car is very expensive these days and while most people know how to drive and have a license, not everyone can afford to own a car.  Buses and taxi-cabs can only get you so far so when a further distance must be traveled, the most convenient and economical thing to do is to rent a car.  On the other hand, anyone who does own a car, knows that cars do tend to break down from time to time and if you are used to driving to work or being independent, being without a car can be a massive inconvenience.  Again, this is another scenario where renting is an option.

While it seems like an easy process, renting a vehicle comes with some responsibility and possible fees you may not be aware of.  While there are fantastic deals out there, the best way to ensure you have the lowest cost, is to look into insurance options outside of the rental company.  Don’t even consider driving a rental without insurance as this could cause devastating financial loses to you in the event of an accident.  Insurance fees through the company are enormous most of the time but there are ways you can save.  If you have your own insurance, see if there is coverage for rentals.  If there isn’t, you can add this to your insurance policy for a very small yearly fee.  Make sure when you sign up, it covers everything so you don’t end up being on the hook for any damage.  If you don’t have your own insurance, check to see if your credit card has this option as many do.  If yours doesn’t, you may want to look into a credit card that does if you will be renting vehicles on a regular basis.  Another way to save money is to search deals online and sign up for emails that will alert you when a sale is on.

When you arrive at the rental place, make sure to check around the vehicle for any damage that may have been made prior to your arrival.  Take pictures if needed and point out any noted damage to the dealer before leaving the lot.  Failure to do this could result in you being blamed for previously unnoticed damage.  Make sure to read any fine print and ask any questions to ensure you understand the terms of the rental and your responsibility.  Most rental agencies don’t allow smoking or pets in their cars and a failure to obey this rule could result in hefty fines after the fact.  it’s also a good idea to clean the car as best as possible before returning it to avoid cleaning fees.  Make sure to fill up the gas tank before you return it or you will be paid triple the amount for gas upon return.  Following these tips will ensure that the next time you Rent a Car, the process will be simple and quick and you will know what to expect.