Canada Immigration Programs

With refugees being dramatically turned down at the border between the United States and Mexico, Canada immigration has become increasingly attractive to asylum seekers everywhere. Canada immigration is one of the most comprehensive programs of its kind in the world. You simply need to visit the website to make an application.

Countless American immigrants have explored an alternative avenue to Canada immigration by walking directly to the borders between Canada and the USA, in many cases even under extreme weather conditions. Unlike the US experience, though, there is a total absence of chaos or even violence. Canada immigration has pursued the matter on a case-to-case basis, looking at individual merits and particularly, how families can be reunited through the program.

With the recent formal and public apologies launched by the federal government of Canada for having turned down Jewish and Indian asylum seekers in the past, it is widely expected that the welcoming attitude of Canada immigration will be maintained. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in fact, has always been completely vocal about his opposition to the American strong-arm tactics in preventing the influx of illegal immigration.

Doubtlessly, there have been some exceptions regarding maintaining the prevailing Canada immigration stance or sentiment. However, this is definitely more the exception than the rule. In fact, Canada immigration has always been family-oriented. Vocal proponents underscore the priority placed towards individuals who apply for immigrant status in the hopes of joining relatives who have successfully become Canadian immigrants over the years.

Nevertheless, the implementation of Canada immigration on a daily basis by Canadian officials is never a perfect process. One of the nation’s biggest provinces–French-speaking Quebec–has been of late in the news for decrying the increasing depletion of resources to cover the country’s rather compassionate immigration policy. As some sectors of the province still lobby to become a breakaway republic, Quebec immigration officials have voiced their concerns to the Canadian capital of Ottawa regarding stressed out resources for managing and sustaining Canada immigration on the part of both asylum seekers and regular immigration applicants.

Apparently, homeless shelter utilization is bursting at the seams in Montreal as well as other parts of Quebec. Also, there is a shortage of manpower and funds to implement the social assistance aspects of welcoming refugees into the nation. In addition, many citizens not only in the province but other parts of the state are voicing their concerns regarding the amount of government funds being spent for the program. Of course, these funds can only come from the taxes that the government levies among the general populace.

Accordingly, it’s not unusual for an increasing number of Canadian citizens to feel that they have not experienced the same level of lobbying for job opportunities as well as living accommodations that are afforded to new immigrants. From a purely American perspective, this is exactly the same sentiment expressed by voters who installed President Donald Trump into office. Only time will tell if the north of the border’s predisposition to increased immigration both legal and otherwise will stand the test of time. As it is right now, it is obviously facing a tremendous stress test even though the second biggest country in the world only has a 37-million population.