Buying The Right Bra

  1. Body type – You must learn how to be aware of your body type. Recognizing your body type isn’t always easy and it takes time but once you understand how your body rests and learn what makes you feel comfortable, picking the right bra will be easier than ever.
  2. Be confident – While picking the perfect bra for you can be intimidating due to body type, style, and pricing. Your body is continuously changing and you must be aware and prepared. Knowing this in advance will help with your confidence.
  3. Choosing the right place/brand – Choose a store that is going to offer a wide selection of bras. Most stores offer personnel that is knowledgeable in bras, body types, and knowing what looks good. Besides offering expert advice they can offer pointers and tips a boyfriend or mom might not feel confident giving. Measure yourself first as a guideline so you know where to start looking once you get there. Chantelle bras

Another important thing you want might to know about yourself is your breast shape. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t know exactly what the shape or term used so we have listed the most common boob shapes:

  • Bell
  • Slender
  • Round
  • East West
  • Asymmetric
  • Tear Drop
  • Side Set

Once you’ve figured out what boob shape you are, you can focus on details like wire under cups, padding, straps, fabric, etc. Once you understand that everyone is going to feel comfortable in different styles and brands of bras – it’s time to think of how many bras you actually need. Women have reported to have up to 20 bras in their drawer with more than half of them never used. You don’t need the clutter, you don’t need that many bras. Experts recommended sticking to neutral colors, closest to your skin tone–whatever that may be. It is recommended to have at least one nude and a black or neutral strapless. A lounge bra or bralette for fun, comfy moments. We highly recommended you look a several brands and makers but chantelle bras have been high on our list and continue to make great improvements in their technology. With affordable prices and highly rated by consumers.