Boat Rental Guide


8 Boat Rental Guide Tips

Boating can be a beautiful experience, if you have a few tips in your tool box.

  1. First decide what area you want to explore and what type of boat would be best to get the full experience. Do you want to just tool around for a day, an hour, a week? Ask the proprietor of any boat rental business if you can get a good feel for the boat before you make a big decision. Most of the models at rental places are basic, but they are a great way to test out what you love, and don’t like, about a model.
  2. The local chamber of commerce or Better Business Bureau may have a list of reputable boat rental companies to choose from if you are unsure.
  3. Rates for rentals vary from a few dollars for an hour to hundreds of dollars a day. But that is still a fraction of costs associated with owning a boat, from monthly dock fees to seasonal maintenance and insurance expenses.
  4. Reservations are important in this industry to ensure you get a boat that works for your needs. Make sure they have what you need and reserve it well in advance.
  5. Go online and plan your route ahead of your trip. Get a feel for the body of water you plan to cruise. Charts are online for most water areas and they can give you a heads up of places to avoid and places to check out during peak hours.
  6. Make sure you understand the state regulations about the license you will need to operate a boat. Most boats are quick and easy to operate and only require a brief instruction on how to start, stop and dock the boat by a professional at the rental place before you take off.
  7. Check out the boat rental information. Make sure you understand if there is a distance limit or bans on towing inner tubes or pulling water skiers. It should include emergency information along with what you should be responsible for in case of an emergency. Make sure you have an emergency float plan before leaving the dock.
  8. Finally, research the weather, and your agreement, in advance so you can make plans accordingly. Weather cancellations can be a hassle so make sure you check to see if and how your contract handles such things.