Big and Tall

There are lots of different forms of mens clothing, and the industry has grown and expanded in many ways. One way that mens clothing has progressed is through the greater amount of plus sized options. Plus sized clothing stores give men a great range of extra large options so that they may find the clothing that is right for them. Extra large options ensure that no man has to wear clothes that do not fit him the way they should. Whether big, tall, or both – it is clear that plus-sized options for men are needed and in high-demand. There are many companies that primarily sell extra large clothing and those companies are successful and necessary. However, it is unfortunate that many brands have neglected to incorporate plus sized clothing into their gallery. By doing this, they miss out on receiving business from a large part of the male population. According to the Economic Times, 14.5% of all men in the United States are over six feet tall. That is roughly 22 million men that would most likely be searching for extra-large clothing just for their height. On top of this, around 3/4 of men in the United States are plus-sized. The demand for plus-sized men’s clothing is obvious and as society progresses, it will further the expansion of the plus-sized clothing industry.

Lots of men purchase extra-large clothing for a variety of reasons. The plus-sized clothing industry (both men and women) is worth over $20 Billion . With an industry this large, there has to be multiple different types of plus-sized clothing. This is including the fact that it has even become a trend. Extra-large clothing is not only for big and tall men. It is for many different types of male body-shapes. There is a large range of celerities that have incorporated plus-sized clothing into their wardrobes, such as Post Malone, ASAP Rocky and Justin Bieber. Oversized clothing has been a trend since the 90s and many men have been searching for places where they can buy extra-large clothing. There are even some women who purposefully look for oversized men’s t-shirts, like Billie Eilish. Oversized clothing and the fact that it has become a trend raises the importance and value of creating and purchasing extra-large clothing.

Extra-large clothing is versatile and can be worn for a variety of reasons and for a variety of people. Incorporating this type of clothing into a wardrobe, whether to be stylish and follow trends, or to be comfortable, shows how extra-large clothes are a necessity. As men come in a variety of sizes, clothing should as well. Not everyone looks the same and prefers the same type of clothing, which is why the plus-sized clothing industry is so important today. On top of this, extra-large men’s clothing isn’t even just for plus-sized men, it can be used for many different types of styles. This is why it is highly encouraged that all men begin to consider including extra-large clothing into their wardrobes.