Best Tax Software For 2019

Preparation of personal taxes has been around for the last 25 years and its here to stay. Even with new technology people still, find filing tax return very confusing. It’s also more stressful trying to find that tax software that suits your needs. Hiring professional help, to file your tax returns might cost you up to $275. That figure could rise depending on your tax situation. Good news is that filing taxes is not as complicated as they make it sound just to make you pay for it. Identify your tax obligations, find the right software to help you prepare and then file, it’s a piece of cake.

Numerous tax preparation software exist in the market, and we have tested them all. The universal underlying principle makes this software almost similar. The tax code, accuracy guarantee, large tax refunds and state returns at an additional cost. The only difference is their pricing and the number of tasks they can execute. Avoid paying for what you do intend to use. To save you the stress of figuring out which one is best, we compiled a list of 6 excellent ones. Remember, the best software should not only help you file taxes but also leave you confident on the return and not worrying about an audit.


TurboTax is the easiest to use and engaging tax preparation software. Regardless of your sources of income, this is the software that will help you focus on earnings and less on taxes. However, the free version only accepts the filing of a 1040EZ. Its premium version is quite expensive but executes more tasks for complex situations.

TurboTax premium is equipped with customer support features such as SmartLook, Expense Finder, and QuickBooks. SmartLook has been available for quite a while. It connects customers with a CPA or an agent through a one-way video call. The customers may share their screens and receive professional help for free, instantly and at an unlimited number of times. SmartLook can also schedule an appointment. However, Smart look is only available to premium users.
Expense Finder, is a newer feature. Pinpointing every dime spent on things such as food or travel is very difficult. That’s where Expense Finder comes in. It helps users track every transaction expense directly from their bank account statements. All a customer needs is to connect their bank accounts with this feature. QuickBooks is an older feature and is available for free up to 12 months.