Best GPS Vehicle Tracking Services

Delivery of goods is a large aspect of many of today’s businesses. GPS fleet monitoring enables one to ensure that all the drivers are driving in a manner that is safe and within the laws and regulations of the company and the state that the driver is driving through. GPS monitoring helps to see if the driver is following their routes. It also helps ensure that the driver is not making any stops that are considered unauthorized or unsafe. These services send data in regards to the driver’s vehicle, and its maintenance.

Then seven best Global Positioning System Fleet monitoring services include the following: Teletrac Navman, Verizon Networkfleet, Fleetmatics, Fleetistics, Brickhouse Security, NexTraq, and CalAmp.

Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman has many options that include robust reporting and numerous features for monitoring purposes.

Advanced Tracking Technologies Inc has a friendly, efficient customer service team, and also have a variety of options for monitoring to choose from.

Verizon Networkfleet

Verizon Networkfleet has an easy interface for their tracking software, making it quite simple to use. Special hardware enables accurate and detailed tracking data. The dashboard has dashboards that are useful for interactive maps.


Fleetistics has software that can be customized for one’s business needs and can give a plethora of information regarding vehicles that require monitoring. It has one of the most comprehensive software.


Fleetmatics is quite popular, boasting a data-intensive dashboard that is quite innovative with a top-notice customer service team.

Brickhouse Security

Brickhouse Security has a service that is month to month. Brickhouse makes sure that all trackers can be monitored from one place at the same time. The platform helps one check in on brackets from a personal or mobile business device made for Android and iOS devices. This GPS monitoring fleet is unique in that it can be used to track family members, such as a teen that is driving an adult’s car. But of course, the primary purpose is to monitor fleets of vehicles.


NexTraq has a map that is quite interactive. It has one of the better options for reporting when it comes to safety, maintenance of the vehicle, and route data. This is one of the most straightforward software dashboards to use.


CalAmp has what is known as “breadcrumb trail” features. It has connectivity, automated intelligence, and other tools that help increase revenue within one’s business. It provides an instant alert, tracking history, real-time monitoring, and tracking history that detects speed, direction, and driver location.

Research to make an Affordable, Wise Choice

Ultimately, fleet monitoring services are fantastic for small businesses that require the movement of goods and services using a smallish fleet of vehicles. GPS trackers help make sure that the driver is following speeding rules, easing up on harsh braking and acceleration. It also makes sure that drivers are wearing seat-belts. Solid data helps keep drivers that are sharp by making sure that they are on track with their goals. It helps find out what areas they may need improvement on. This kind of actions can help protect vehicles, drivers, goods, and equipment, making GPS fleet trackers extremely important for business.