Back To School

Going back to school is exciting for some children and may be annoying for others. Whatever their reaction to going back, everyone needs to get ready for the new school year. Shopping is a huge part of getting ready to go back to school, but school supplies can be expensive. Getting the best deals is so important so as not to break the bank.

In addition to traditional school supplies, many children get a whole new wardrobe each fall, just in time to impress their new classmates. For many the new clothes are as much a necessity as the real school supplies. The newest trends for children and teens fly off the rack. Because of this, prices are sometimes marked up. Getting the best deals require searching multiple stores, using coupons, buying online or from the sale rack.

Some schools have uniforms that must be bought. This makes it harder to shop smart, as there isn’t a ton of choice when it comes to where and what to buy. Finding uniforms second hand isn’t always the best option as they maybe too close to tearing or damaged in other ways. Children tend to wear their clothes ragged, especially when playing at recess. Buying online or with coupons is probably the best bet when trying to find uniforms for school.

Then there are the mandatory supplies for the class rooms. Depending on the age of the child these may include colored pencils, crayons, paper, folders, pencils, etc. For a teen they may include pens, binders, books, notecards, etc. These supplies are important to their learning in the classroom, and therefore are more important than the new clothes.

Getting school supplies for a good deal is also usually simpler than finding trendy clothing at a good price. Most stores have back to school sales and drop prices for the weeks before school starts. Combining these with coupons is a perfect way to get the best deal. Many children also want a new backpack to go with their new supplies. Backpacks also tend to go on sale or can be found at the local thrift stores.

Before school starts teens may be seen cramming last minute summer reading or homework in. Unfortunately, procrastination is common. Waiting for the last minute is not a fun way to read something at all. Trying to cram a 350-page book into a single day and write the paper on it is barely doable. Yet, every year someone waits until the very last day and has to try.

A staple of going back to school is that the lazy summer days end. There is no more sleeping in until noon or staying up late. Some parents try to get their children on a better sleep schedule in the weeks before school actually starts to minimize the effect of suddenly having to wake up several hours earlier.

Whether exciting or annoying, as every child gets ready for back to school. With all the things a student has to worry about, getting up early, finishing the summers homework, getting ready is important. Getting them everything they need can sooth first day of school jitters and going back to school can be fun instead.