Athletic Shoes

There are a wide variety of athletic shoes out there that have many uses and can be used in a variety of ways. We tend to put a lot of wear and tear on our feet, so why not assure you have the best shoes possible. Athletic shoes have become almost a universal shoe that can be used in a variety of situations. Obviously, each sport has a particular shoe that you can participate with but one shoe that transcends what the original use was intended for, was Air Jordan.


If you have ever stepped on a basketball court or just a fan of sports, you have most likely heard of the iconic Jordan brand shoes. These were the shoes that reinvented how shoes and sports were looked at together. Before their release most basketball shoes were always white.  Basketball and the shoe game were completely transformed once Michael Jordan debuted these sneakers and became the global superstar he is today.  People that actively collect Jordan shoes are known as “Jordan Heads”. It completely revamped how people chose to purchase sneakers. The prices now for Jordan’s have rose exponentially where they will sell out within 5 minutes with a rare release.


Athletic shoes have become an integral part of people’s daily fashion. There are so many different styles and athletic shoes that go together that companies are constantly putting on releases. They have formed special ways of being able to get shoes because demand on many releases tends to be high. Everything from raffles, scavenger hunts, or email notices are all ways people try to get notified about a shoe release. It’s become a whole culture where adults and children will clamor to get the latest and greatest sneakers.


Why Do People Buy Sneakers?


  • Emotional Attachment. A lot of the time especially in today’s time whenever you put the “retro” tag on any sneaker release is a good way for people to feel nostalgic about a particular shoe. Maybe it was the first shoe you bought with your own money, or your favorite athlete but buying that shoe is a way for those interested to feel connected.
  • Of course, you want a pair of sneakers that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Shoe companies tend to do only make a limited number of certain sneakers, for example the Undefeated x Air Jordan 4. There is said to only be 80 pairs of the shoes out there.
  • Certain shoes have simply had a huge impact on history. Whether they are attached to an athlete that did something phenomenal or just a shoe that was accepted across all cultures, shoes sometimes can be history pieces and are collected as such
  • Since these shoes are built for athletics, it’s very important that they are comfortable. People who are going for fashion but also comfort may need to look no further than athletic shoes. Comfort is a huge deal breaker for their shoes so it’s imperative that when looking for athletic shoes that they are comfortable.


Shoe culture has become an integral part in today’s society because of how simply important shoes are in our culture. With their being so many creative ways of getting people involved in the selling of the shoe, having exclusive releases, and just overall comfort you can’t really go wrong with picking up athletic shoes. In particular Jordan’s, the shoes that revolutionized the shoe game!