Advantages and Disadvantages of Cable TVs

Cable TV faces a lot of competition from other communication firms like satellite television, computer sites as Netflix and many more. With all these available options, it’s essential for you to know the pros as well as the cons of cable television to help you make that informed decision. Plus most cable TV accounts include high speed internet. Often you can get free internet for one month. Due to the competition, companies have lowered their rates and now you can get a new connection for as low as 25$ a month.

Advantages of Cable TV

Cable TV bundles are reliable

One of the key benefits of the bundle packages is convenience. Other than dealing with three or two separate services bills every month, a bundle consolidates everything to a single payment. As such, if you need a cable, home phone service, and internet, then it makes senses to buy all three from one provider. This also helps in dealing with service concerns in a more straightforward way. For instance, when a thunderstorm cuts your services off, then you will only contact one firm.

Cable bundles are cost-friendly
It’s not a secret that cable firms need as much of your co-operation as possible. To entice clients to buy more than one service, the providers often offer discounts deals on all bundled packages. As a result, choosing an all-inclusive bundle might save you a substantial amount of cash compared to purchasing all the services separately. It should also be noted that cable companies always will negotiate pricing on all upper-tier packages like bundles. Due to this, shrewd shoppers should seriously go for bundling packages not only to consolidate services but also save money as well.

Improved service choices
Apart from reduced prices, the cable television bundles usually include additional services and features. For example, the upgrade to unlimited bandwidth regarding internet access might be offered free of charge. Or, additional cable channels and access to high-definition programming may be provided without an expected rate increment. With such, if you like to enjoy the premium features without paying the premium fee, then bundle package can be your best choice.

The availability of cable bundle is wide
Another benefit is that cable companies universally offer them. This means you have a wide array of options to choose from when making a bundle package selection. Ultimately, the increased competition results to even better pricing.

Cable TV is stable in its services. Both modern satellite television and traditional air-wave broadcast will and can cut on you during serious as well as not-so-serious storms. Cable television services, on the other hand, go out only when there are some flaws in the overall system such as broken cable or router. This happens less often, so cable television will offer more consistent services.

Cable television can really be inexpensive if too many options are omitted. The original hardware cost is lower compared to satellite, and FCC requires all the cable companies give a basic cable package which consists of a few local channels and broadcast channels. Due to this, cable television has the lowest cost of television other than obtaining an antenna.

Disadvantages of cable television

Disappointing monopolies
Most areas have a single cable television provider which creates a monopoly. While there is much competition from the satellite, the corporate nature of these monopolies is naturally poor. Customer service can be terrible if it is not non-existent. In many situations, client satisfaction with cable television firms is unreliable making the firms some of the worst among service companies in the US.

Confusing price packages
Many cable firms aren’t clear on how much their services can truly cost. Many want you to register for two years for you to get a one-year introductory deal. What’s more, you must actually check on their sites to find out the costs of the second year. In many cases, there are rental charges, taxes and even hidden fees.

If you are one of those individuals who bundle cable television with the internet, (which most people do), you are going to have minimum privacy on the internet. Cable internet operates with a stable IP address which doesn’t change, and people can easily track your visits to the sites. Compare it with DSL, where IP address can be easily reset by turning your modem off and on.

With these few discussed pros/cons in your mind, it will be easy for you to be a better position to decide on whether to choose cable television.