7 Wedding Registry Must Have Items

To efficiently plan a marriage, you need to be good at understanding what you want, what is necessary, and how to budget what happens after the marriage. Some things, however, such as kitchen appliances and things for your new home, can seem out of range for your budget. You hope that somebody will be kind enough to you’re your mind, but it’s difficult to communicate just what you want to everybody who is attending your wedding.

This is where Wedding Registries become useful; a Wedding Registry is a list of items typically presented through a specific provider or retailer (such as Target or Wal-Mart) that an engaged couple would like to receive as gifts on their wedding day. Upon creating this list, the desired retailer is able to communicate this information to invited guests to give them an idea of what to purchase as a wedding gift, often with discounts on the items themselves. However, even planning which items any couple needs on their Wedding Registry can be intimidating. In the excitement of planning your wedding, it’s understandable that you’ll constantly feel like you’re forgetting something crucial for the married life to follow your special day.

1. Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is an essential home item that helps mixing items via an electrically powered beater in a bowl. These are incredibly helpful and have many different uses—with various attachments, they can be used to prepare cake batter, cookie batter, veggie noodles, burgers, fresh pasta, and more.

Kitchen Aid provides the most durable and sensible ones and are the ones you’re most likely to find in any relevant Wedding Registry retailer. The aforementioned different attachments that help you make a variety of different food items can be listed as separate things on the list and purchased by your guests to allow you to get the most out of your stand mixer.

There are also a few models to choose from within the Kitchen Aid stand mixers:

The Artisan Mini Tilt Head is the basic model that is also 20% smaller and 25% lighter.
The Artisan Tilt Head is the normal model, allowing you to make up to 5 dozen cookies in a single bowl.
The Bowl Lift is the most expensive and powerful model, allowing you to have a mixer with a motor of 1.0 horsepower (HP) with up to .4 HP able to be administered to the bowl.

All of these models come in various colors for different tastes, ranging from Sugar Pearl Silver to Candy Apple Red.