7 Travel Destinations For 55+

As baby boomers become 55 and older, the number of vacationers continually rises. By 2017, approximately 99 percent of baby boomers planned on taking at least one trip during the year. More than half prefer visiting destination within the United States. The year-round warm sunny climate of Florida appeals to adults who are not overly excited by the prospect of dealing with cold and snowy weather. Coastal hotels and resorts provide the opportune location to soak up the sun. History, legends and picturesque landscapes await those deciding to travel to abroad destinations. Iconic, centuries-old buildings stand side-by-side with modern structures and attractions in the major cities of Britain. Countrysides feature rolling hills dotted with quaint farms bordered by ancient forests. A trip to Alaska appeals to adventure-seekers who wish to see the unspoiled wilderness and hope to have a wildlife sighting in the vast terrain of Denali National Park. On the other end of the spectrum, Hawaii offers a warm climate featuring historic sites, tropical plants and the chance to go island hopping. Art enthusiasts enjoy gazing upon the ancient works of the masters and the Old World charm of Italy. Southern cooking and hospitality await guests who venture to South Carolina. Sunny California features everything from world-class beaches to majestic mountains and a wealth of attractions. In 2016, Merrill Lynch commissioned a study to determine the top travel destinations.

1. Florida

Orlando is a popular destination that features a variety of activities for adults. Enjoy a relaxing cruise along the coast from Clearwater Harbor or explore the exhibit at SeaWorld. The many museums found in the city include the Dali Museum for art lovers and the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition for history buffs. While in Orlando, many also enjoy touring the Everglades National Park via airboat or riverboat. The southwestern city of Fort Myers offers the chance to go deep-sea fishing or enjoy a sailboat cruise. The former winter homes of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison are now museums that welcome guests daily. In northeastern Florida, older adults often enjoy visiting St. Augustine, which is the oldest community in the country. The community was established 42 years before the founding of Jamestown and 55 years before the pilgrims arrive at Plymouth Rock. As such, the coastal city offers Old World charm. Guests easily familiarize themselves with the area by taking carriage rides, hopping aboard the Old Town Trolley or enjoying the sights from the Ripley’s Red Train. Some of the popular local attractions include the 350-year-old Castillo de San Marcos National Monument and the Colonial Quarter. If historic locations pique your interests, a trip across the pond may be what you need.