7 Popular Credit Cards

Credit card ownership has many benefits to it. One huge benefit is that it provides the debtor with emergency funding as well as the ability to reserve hotels, rental cars and so on. The other benefit of credit card ownership is that it can help a debtor to establish a positive credit history if that person handles the card correctly. The following are seven popular credit cards and a few words about their features and perks.


  1. Discover It Cash back Match

The Discover It Cash back match card is one of the 0 intro APR credit cards as well as a rewards card. Cardholders can earn up to 5 percent cash back on Target and Amazon orders. They can also enjoy the first 14 months with the card and no interest.


  1. Chase Freedom Card

The Chase Freedom Card can fit into the category of low interest credit cards and rewards cards. It has a 15-month interest free promotion and a regular APR that can be as low as 15.99 percent. Cardholders earn 1.5 percent on every purchase they make.


  1. American Express Blue Cash Preferred

The American Express Blue Cash Preferred card is an awesome choice for people who shop big at the supermarket. Cardholders can earn 6 percent cash back at the supermarket and 3 percent at the gas station. New cardholders can earn a $200 bonus during the first three months, as well.


  1. Discover It Chrome

The Discover It Chrome card is good for earning money back on gas purchases. It offers 2 percent back on gas and restaurant purchases, access to credit scores and a possible low APR.


  1. Credit One Unsecured Visa Card

The Credit One Unsecured Visa card is a great option for people who do not have a positive credit history. They can rebuild their credit while they earn 1 percent cash back and enjoy an interest rate that could be as low as 16.99 percent.


  1. Capital One Journey Student Rewards

Capital One provides students with an edge on life by offering them the Journey card with 1 percent cash back abilities. Students can earn an uncapped amount of cash back, and they can have a card with no annual fee.


  1. Deserve Edu MasterCard

The Deserve Edu card is another card that’s geared for students. It offers an Amazon Prime membership, $0 annual fee and a chance for a person who has limited credit to grow a positive credit profile.


Those are just a few of the popular cards. Many more options are available, so debtors should always take their time and choose a card that is good for them.