7 Last Minute Gifts For Toddlers

Looking for a last minute birthday or holiday gift for a toddler? Here are 7 great ideas that can be found online or at any store that sells toys.

1. Workbench

A workbench is a great gift for toddlers. Workbenches and tool sets are no longer considered toys for boys-only. They teach kids to use their hands and build things for themselves. While they are not actually building anything with the plastic tools, they are becoming familiar with them. The recommended age for a workbench is 3+.


2. Kitchen

A kitchen set is a must have for toddlers. Kitchen sets typically have healthy foods and ingredients for making healthy meals. Getting kitchen tools in children’s hands at an early age can help them develop a familiarity with making their own food and the importance of a home kitchen. The recommended age for a kitchen set is 3+.


3. Slide

Slides are a fun toy for toddlers. They may take up room so be cautious on the size you want to buy. Slides are cheaper than a full play set. They can be a great toy for all ages, check the age on the box before you purchase.


4. Trucks

All toddlers love oversized trucks. Boys and girls can enjoy anything that they can hold in their hand thats interactive. One truck would be fun to play with but consider getting two trucks. Having someone to play with helps socialize any toddler.

5. Dolls

The classic toddler toy – dolls. Dolls are a staple of any toddler’s toy chest. Many people grow up and keep the dolls they received as children. They are a fun toy to grow a child’s imagination and a great keepsake.


6. Indoor trampoline

An indoor trampoline is a fun gift that promotes exercise. Kids have a blast jumping on trampolines. If you are going to go ahead and purchase an indoor trampoline, read the recommended age requirements and safety measures. Having a trampoline with a net and low to the ground are the safest options.


7. 4-wheeler

Four-Wheelers are a more expensive gift, but they are arguably the most fun for the kids and the adults. There are a lot of safety issues that are associated with 4-wheelers so consult with the parents before purchasing. If you are the parent, read reviews and safety guidelines to make sure this is the appropriate gift for your toddler.