7 Exciting Engagement Destinations

When you’re looking for a romantic place to getaway with that special person in you’re life, there is a wide variety of locations that are perfect for an engagement destination. Finding the right place to “ask the question” can make a big difference not only in setting the scene, but also providing memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Whether you and your partner enjoy the sounds of the soothing ocean waves or the serenity of a mountain cabin in the forest, the right destination can make your special moment even that much better. Picking a particular time at the right location can also add a special touch. Consider the picturesque background of sunset on the beach, or maybe while watching the stars under a midnight sky in the desert. The perfect destination and time for that special moment is limited only by your imagination and interests. Taking a little time to put some special effort into planning an engagement destination can make all the difference in the world.

No matter where you live, there are plenty of romantic engagement destinations that are easy to find. When you’re ready to plan that special getaway, here are 7 romantic engagement destinations for you to consider traveling to that will provide you with the perfect setting for that special moment.

1. Saint Tropez, France

As an amazing coastal town located on the French Riviera, Saint Tropez France is a very romantic travel destinations for your engagement getaway. Set on the southeastern coast of France, the town has an intimate environment with a population of just over 5,600 people. This cozy seaside town has been a favorite destination for artists and those who enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle. Originally a fishing village, Saint Tropez has evolved to become a popular getaway for everything from shopping in the famous La Ponche quarter to sunbathing on the sandy beaches of the French Riviera.

The town of Saint Tropez has plenty to offer its guests, including plenty of art exhibits like the Museum of Maritime History located in the picturesque dungeon of the Saint Tropez citadel, the butterfly museum set in the home of French artist Dany Lartigue, and the Georges Grammont collection at the Le Musee de l’Annonciade. The town also features many historic places to see, like the five windmills of Moulin de Paillas, and the Gendarmerie and Cinema building. Of course, the town also includes plenty of natural scenery and locations where you can enjoy everything from kayaking and paddle-boarding to waterskiing and scuba diving.