7 Eco-friendly dishwashers

Eco-friendly appliances not only minimize their impact on our environment, but they are also much less expensive to operate. For this reason, eco-friendly has become the new household standard. We are no longer chained to the large, bulky and loud appliances of the generations before. These new dishwashers not only out-perform the older versions but they even outweigh the benefits of washing dishes by hand, saving the family an average of 5,000 gallons of water a year-not to mention the time and aggravation. New homes are now stocked with these low-impact, low-footprint machines that are both economically and fiscally responsible and respectful.

Manufacturers are working to provide a variety of options to meet the need of each household. Now it is the job of the consumer to find the machine that is the right fit for your home-and we are here to help. Taking into consideration size, price, features, operation costs, repair costs and maintenance we have compiled a list of some of the top eco-friendly dishwashers available on the market today as well as some features to be taken into consideration by any potential buyer. Use this guide to find your way through the search for the perfect appliance. Some forethought now may save you money every day for the next 10-15 years with your new appliance, not to mention your environment.


At the top of the list is the ASKO D5434XXLS for it’s nearly perfect balance of performance and efficiency. True to any eco-friendly dishwasher worth it’s suds, the ASKO D5434XXLS washer has several cycle options-quick wash, eco wash, daily wash, normal wash and heavy wash-allowing the consumer to use the minimal amount of energy and water required to get the job done.

Are the 5 wash settings not enough for you? For all you detail-oriented dish-doers out there, the ASKO D5434XXLS offers you more with options to customize each wash with temperature controls, delayed start, drying features, child locks, signal volumes, LCD contrast adjust and even a rinse aid dosage dial.

If you have a smaller household and need your machine to hold dishes until it is full enough to run a load you could take advantage of this machines Rinse and Hold feature. Keeping your home clean and free from odor between cycles is the goal of the Rinse and Hold setting.

With fewer runs and less energy consumption, this washer averages about $24.22 in oporation costs annually. Unlike other washers boasting the eco-friendly claim, the manufacturers do not charge a boatload to compensate. This washer can be found at prices ranging $900-$1000 some stores may offer financing.