7 Best Snow Blowers This Year

People living in snowy environments can attest to the fact that manual shoveling of snow is extremely arduous and dangerous. However, snow blowers come as a relief. With the machine, you can clear the snow quicker and safer without compromising your health. Below we highlight seven of the best snow blowers, their features and prices.


  1. Husqvarna ST224P

Husqvarna has top-notch specifications to match your domestic snow blowing needs. It weighs 198.6 pounds and is easily portable.


  • It has a 208CC Husqvarna engine propelled by 2.7 Liters fuel tank.
  • An electric start blended with an LED headlight to ease activity even at night.
  • It has a power steering and can throw snow of up to 12 inches.
  • Price: $1049


  1. Poulan Pro PR241

The machine is used to clear blizzards or heavy snow, hence its name- heavy duty snow blower.


  • It has a 208cc engine.
  • The Poulan has a friction brake with several forward speeds and one reverse speed.
  • Its rotation chute can move up to 180 degrees.
  • Price: $699.99


  1. Briggs and Stratton dual stage

The snow blower is more expensive compared to the rest but has the best specifications to match its price.


  • Has a double trigger steering for transmission to clear heavy snow.
  • It has a flexible rotational chute.
  • It features a deflector control to ease operations.
  • The brigghas a 250cc engine.
  • Price: $1899.99


  1. Troy Bilt storm 2625

Troy Bilt manufactures the highest rated snow blowers 2017. Troy Bilt, for instance, has a powerful engine and ergonomic design makes its operation interesting.


  • Can manage up to 26×21 inches of snow in a single function.
  • It has 243cc and a four-cycle OHV engine.
  • A rotation chute of 200 degrees.
  • Price: $1063,24


  1. Ariens ST24LET

Regardless of how hard the snow is, the Arien can always handle.


  • It has a directional track drive capability.
  • It operates through electric buttons.
  • The rotational chute can move up to 205 degrees.
  • Price: $1673.63


  1. Snow Joe Ultra SJ620

The snow thrower offers excellent services for small size snows humps.


  • Has a sturdy motor rated 13 amps
  • It carries four bladed augers.
  • 180’ degrees rotational chute.
  • Price: $700.66


  1. Snow Joe ION18SB cordless blower

The blower is lightweight to ease sidewalks and driveways.


  • 180’ degrees chute rotation.
  • A double-bladed steel augers.
  • Blow snow of up to 20 feet
  • Price: $1223.44


With this review in place, no matter the quantity of snow you are experiencing, the guide has cracked down snow blowers 2017 that have the potential to help.