5 Most Affordable Internet Packages

There are so many internet packages today but which one gives the most bang for the buck? Maybe she wants faster internet so she can stream her videos while he wants faster internet to play his video games. Whatever their motivation, anyone would want a high-quality product for a good price.

  1. AT&T

AT&T has the benefit of being the most popular, so he or she might have a neighbor or family member who already has it and can tell them how good it is. At 40 dollars a month, they probably won’t be worrying too much about the price.


With various plan options and a good reputation, allconnect is a good option for the person who knows how much mbps they want to use. Just starting at 39.99!

  1. WOW

That wasn’t an exclamation, I’m talking about the company Wow! Wow offers 100 mbps starting out at a great price, with no data caps! Starting out at 39.99.

2.) Time Warner Cable

Coming in at number 2 with no data caps and boasts as being 15 times faster than AT&T is Time Warner’s internet package. A well-rated package with a top-rated customer service team, you couldn’t go wrong with this pick at 29.99 a month.

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1.) Verizon

Verizon offers a plethora of good plans and is known for their speed. If he wants his video games to run smoothly, Verizon would be a good choice and is the best consumer rated and won’t break the bank. Starting out at 24.99 going up to 34.99, either option gives you the best bang for your buck out of these 5, which is why it was given the number one spot.


Fast internet at a decent price, all five of these will satisfy the person looking for a well-performing affordable internet package.