2018 Kitchen Remodel Designs

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and an attractive layout adds significant value to any home. With open floor plans growing in popularity, now is the time to do a renovation on your kitchen. Well-thought out designs are imperative for creating a cohesive look for the entire great room. Fortunately 2018’s design trends combine functionality with attractive features so that even homeowners on a budget can do a renovation to create a beautiful layout that will serve them for many years to come. These remodel features will make any homeowner eager to host and show off their beautiful room.

2018 will bring increased technology. You can expect the ability to use Bluetooth technology with almost all your appliances for cutting edge advances that will bring your kitchen to the next level. Kitchens of the past were focused on function and hidden in the back of the house. Today you can remodel them into one of the most beautiful and technologically advanced rooms in the home. Check out the list below for some of the available features you can expect to find for your next upgrade. These design trends are especially valuable for homes with open floor plans to ensure kitchens are a beautiful addition to flow with the rest of the home.

1. Flooring

Hardwood floors continue to be a hot commodity, and for good reason. This beautiful and timeless flooring option looks good in any room of the home. With open floor plans continuing to be popular for their ability to make small rooms look open and inviting, a continuous floor type throughout the main floor integrates the great room for a seamless look.

Porcelian Planks are tough and durable, and give the attractive look of real wood without susceptibility to water damage in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. Consider selecting grey tones, which are growing in popularity for the modern and polished look they add to any room.

2. Cabinets

2018 is bringing some practical and pretty cabinet designs with it. Modern clean lines and functional simplicity are king. Neutral white colors are a strong design choice since they make rooms look bright and open. White is also neutral and lasting, while allowing some creative versatility with accent colors to change with the times. If you want to introduce a little bit of variety, consider a patterned tile backsplash or two-toned cabinets with the bottom level cabinets in a different hue.

Fortunately 2018 is also bringing some practical cabinet changes with it including deep drawers that allow for easy storage of pots and pans. While polished silver or nickel handles and knobs are a safe bet, you can spice things up a little with rose gold or copper accents.

3. Counter Tops

The trend toward practicality in the kitchen applies to counter tops as well. Granite has been the hot commodity for years, but now quartz is growing in popularity for its resiliency and lack of porousness. Quartz is sleek and beautiful and doesn’t have to be sealed like granite to protect against stains and bacteria growth. Quartz is manufactured to look like natural stone, and neutral colors are the current trend. Decorative tile backsplashes also add a beautiful element to the room’s design.

Just like the other areas of the kitchen, countertops are moving toward a streamlined design. Sinks are integrated into the counter for a seamless look across the surface. Another fun trend to clear countertop clutter is appliance garages. These built in storage compartments allow you to store everything from blenders to coffee grinders that used to take up countertop real estate.

4. Shelves

Clean lines and simple design translates to 2018’s popular shelving as well. Open shelves will grow in as a concept, and give kitchens a larger and more open look. However, it’s important to keep clutter to a minimum. When you choose to store your dishes and belongings in the open the contents of the shelves will need to contribute to the overall look and flow of the kitchen. If open shelves aren’t ideal for your kitchen, glass cabinet doors add to the open look and help keep out dust. Either way, it’ll be a lot easier to find what you need when you can see it without opening lots of doors.

While shelving has often been used to store kitchen goods horizontally, vertical dividers are becoming an attractive alternative. Rather than dig the right pan out from under a stack, consider organizing parts of your kitchen with vertical dividers that allow easy access to what you need. Plates can be stored vertically as well.

5. Refrigerator

Refrigerators, along with other common kitchen appliances, are getting smarter in 2018. You can find a fridge to tell you when groceries are getting low or even when certain food items are going bad. Today’s fridges bring high tech options to the table far beyond cooling food and dispensing water and ice. Specially designed storage zones allow you to store a variety of foods in multiple climates.

While stainless steel is still popular since it blends well with other colors, new finishes are growing in popularity. If you really want to make a statement you can even seek out a vintage style refrigerator in a bold color. As with the other parts of the kitchen, built in appliances are popular and give your kitchen a cohesive, clean appearance.

6. Stove / Oven

In 2018 your appliances will become smarter and utilize Bluetooth technology to simplify your life. You can use your smartphone to preheat your stove / oven, and before long more of your appliances will respond to voice commands and sync together. Steam ovens are the hot new trend on the market since they cook food faster and retain more flavor and nutrition.

You don’t have to keep your oven and stove top together. Consider double ovens built into the cabinets and a stove top on the island for generous prep space. Is space tight? Opt for french oven doors instead of a pull down door. Kitchen appliances in 2018 aren’t limited the way they have been in the past. You can even build in a warming drawer along with your oven!

7. Dishwasher

Built in appliances are key in 2018. Even a dishwasher can be designed into a pull out in drawers integrated into your cabinets to keep the room clean and streamlined. In fact, you can even opt for cabinet facing over the appliance so you don’t know it is there at all. No appliance has to be an eyesore in 2018, rather these attractive options make your home beautiful. Another attractive option for modern furniture is a matte black finish which looks modern and unique from the traditional options of white, black or stainless steel. Whatever options you choose, you can be sure that 2018 will bring some cutting edge appliances and design trends to revamp your home.