10 Popular Bible Colleges

Becoming a licensed minister is not for everyone but getting ordained is very appealing to a lot of people in today’s world. Getting to marry and bringing people together that you really care for is exciting. Having the power to declare a couple husband and wife, wife and wife, or husband and husband brings happiness and joy to everyone in the room. It is now easier than ever because you can get ordained online and the benefits to online ordination are rewarding. The process being super fast and simple, online ordination gives you the chance to lead all ceremonies that requires a minister or priest.

Once you become certified, you’ll be able to legally perform weddings, perform baptisms, perform funerals, and start a congregation which means you’ll be able to start a church if you so desired to lead a group. It’s important that you follow all the rules when applying for this process. Don’t add any information that is false. Make sure you have your legal name and email address properly. Triple check your form before submitting to make sure there’s no misspelling errors. Use proper capitalization, as the way you fill out your name on the form will be how it is shown on your Minister’s Certificate and records. Don’t submit the form on someone else’s behalf without their permission or you will get in legal trouble. Any false information will lead to rejection and possibly disqualify you in the future.

Now you can take it a step forward and attend Bible College (Christian School) is great way for people to nurture and embrace their faith while receiving a college education. Whether the prospective student is a young adult, who is fresh out of high school, or an older adult, who is looking to go back to school to start or advance their career, Bible colleges provide spiritual and educational benefits. Bible colleges provide faith-based curriculums, theological instruction, quality education, and the opportunity to connect with instructors and peers of the same faith and values.

Top Degrees offered

While a bible college typically provides the same degrees and programs as a secular college, a few degrees tend to be popular for Christian Schools. These degrees are popular for bible colleges because they relate to ministry and/or helping people.

  • Youth and Family Ministry

A degree in youth and family ministry is the typical major for students who are interested in becoming a youth pastor or family pastor. The curriculum consists of general education classes, theology classes, social science classes, and ministry and preaching classes to groom students to be effective youth or family pastors. Some schools may offer it as a science or art degree, depending on how the school views the practice of ministry.

  • Family Counseling

A degree in family counseling is intended for students who are interested in becoming family or marriage counselors. A degree in family counseling from a Christian college is useful regardless if a student is intending to be a Christian counselor or secular counselor. The program tends to focus largely on psychology, and social work practice. General education classes and theology classes are also a part of the program.

  • Teaching and Education

A degree in teaching and education is for the future teachers of America. While the clear majority of colleges and universities have a teaching and/or education program, getting the degree from a Christian school will teach students how to be an effective teacher through the wisdom and strength provided through their faith. The program will focus on education classes and classes in the specific subject area the student wants to teach

  • Biblical Studies

There is a wide range of careers for students who possess a degree in biblical studies. Possible careers include ministry, church management, history, religious education, etc. A biblical studies degree program would consist of many classes about the books and parts of the bible. A strong interest for in-depth study of the bible is essential for students who are interested in pursuing a degree of biblical studies.

Ten Popular Christian Colleges

The following list of Christian colleges consists of the ten most reputable programs that offer physical campus programs and online programs.

  1. Shiloh Bible College

Shiloh Bible College is in Hawassa Ethiopia. They accept international students from all around the world. They offer graduate and undergraduate degrees. Their degree options are only related to religion. The cost is not specified on the website because it varies per program and where student lives.

  1. Liberty University

Liberty University is in Lynchburg, Virginia. Christian music artists Meredith Andrews and Tobymac are alumni of Liberty University. The tuition cost is 22,000 dollars per year.

  1. Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University is in Azusa, California, which is near Los Angeles. The tuition is 33,096 dollars per year.

  1. Calvin College

Calvin College is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are a liberal arts college who was founded on the idea of the Reformed Tradition of Protestantism. The tuition is 29,635 dollars per year.

  1. College of the Ozarks

College of the Ozarks is located is in Point Lookout, Missouri. They are a liberal arts college. Their campus looks over Lake Taneycomo. The tuition is 18,530 dollars per year.

  1. Wheaton College

Wheaton College is in Norton, Massachusetts. They are a liberal arts college. The tuition is 48,684 dollars per year.

  1. Messiah College

Messiah College is in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. They are a college of liberal arts and applied arts and sciences. The tuition is 31, 340 dollars per year.

  1. Whitworth University

Whitworth University is in Spokane, Washington. They are affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. The tuition is 48,086 dollars per year.

  1. George Fox University

George Fox University is in Newberg, Oregon. They are a university of liberal arts, sciences, and professional studies. The tuition is 34,500 dollars per year.

  1. Bethel College

Bethel College is in Mishawaka, Indiana. They are affiliated with the evangelical Christian Missionary Church. The tuition is 25, 830 dollars per year.

The diversity of programs, online program options, affiliations with Christian sects, and tuition costs allow choosing a Christian school a viable option for a Christian of any career interest, age, lifestyle, Christian faith, and financial situation. People of the Christian faith who want to grow their knowledge along with their faith should strongly consider choosing a bible college.