10 Fuel-Efficient Cars

Please insert your text here!Efficiency is important. The farther you can travel to each charge or gallon of gas, is less time and money that you have to spend. The key selling feature for many automobiles is the fuel efficiency, regardless of if they are gasoline or electric. Efficiency, however, is also hard to quantify; what makes an automobile fuel efficient? What is a good rate of miles to gallon or charge? Unfortunately, there are as many definitions of ‘fuel efficient’ as there are automobiles claiming to be. Many vehicles boast a mileage of over thirty miles to the gallon as we move into 2018. This is a definite improvement over previous years; in 2015, the highest reported by the EPA was twenty-nine point six. An increase of one or two mils per gallon might not sound like much, but efficiency is about many small numbers adding up, usually into a high cost at the pump. Of course, as electric cars become more affordable, the question that follows them is not how much it costs to charge them, but how far they can go on a single charge. This is even more important when long trips are being planned; how far away are charging stations? What follows is a list of ten cars that stand out as being fuel efficient and affordable.

1. Nissan LEAF
Nissan’s contribution to the electric car market, the LEAF brings a hundred and seven horsepower, four-door comfort, and up to a hundred and seven mile range. With a completely electric operation, there are zero emissions and zero reliance on fossil fuel. There are many additional features that can come with the LEAF, some designed to increase the efficiency; such as economy mode, or regenerative braking to recycle excess energy. Some are safety-oriented, such as advanced airbags or control systems. Even more accessories are completely passive, such as the design of the headlights or undercarriage to reduce drag. This all comes at a starting MSRP of 30,680$, making it more a more affordable option than some of it’s competitors. It also has many features for passenger comfort, such as heated seats, Bluetooth compatibility, rear view camera, sixty/forty fold-down seats, and a multitude of cosmetic protective add-ons. There are three different variants to the LEAF; the S, SV, and SL, with each having a few more features. The SV has an on-board quick charger, allowing you to charge the car completely in six hours at home, as well as several luxury features. The SL brings leather-appointed seats and a solar-paneled rear spoiler.